"One must never hesitate to be glamourous and practical at the same time!"

I have always loved to make things. I have a very special 'Make it' book that I have kept from when I was a child. I lived in Paris for over 20 years and spent most of my time trying to make it as an actress! Failed? ;) ! But no! I have a perfect child (and husband;)) and now reside in the south of France. I think having a daughter has been the thing I can truly say is 'sans' comparison.

So, on to my other love. Fashion! Accessories! I love fabric. I may even dream about it and surely will start making my own at some point. But for now I love to make pouches, pillows, makeup bags and a lot of ipad covers (because I couldn't find one I liked!) with fabulous fabrics from around the world. It is an eccletic site. Who said you should just  do one thing?! Check out the funky nursing pillows! Don't forget to check out the fabric gallery and order your bespoke pillow.

I started up Camélia Forever, my daughters name and my desire to create and share. The idea is to let you choose your model and your fabric, making it your own.

I update my site regularly, so I hope to see you there soon! Treat yourself!